What would HanaHaus look like without our amazing ambassadors? Mariana Pinheiro is one of them – her task is to make the workspace to a pleasant place for our guests. Behind her friendly and good-humored character is an amazing story. Read how Mariana got from a small town in Brazil to the heart of Silicon Valley in our new “People of HanaHaus”- blog.


Name: Mariana Pinheiro

Age: 32

Origin: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Working at HanaHaus since: March, 2017

Job Title: Ambassador


My Job at HanaHaus is about…
“…giving our guests a pleasant experience while they are here. We give them information about our concept, our workspace and help them with their stay issues. After checking-in, we monitor how long their reservation is and when it expires. Basically, we are keeping an eye on everything happening in our workspace.”

Got to know HanaHaus…
“…. after I received a work permission in the U.S. and was looking for a job. I’d known the building before because I used to walk around downtown. It attracted me because it reminds me on the architecture I’ve seen in Europe. Working at HanaHaus as an ambassador sounded like the best fit for me because I have experience with customer service. For me, HanaHaus is a hotspot in Palo Alto - the best place in downtown!”

Before working at HanaHaus…
“…I used to work as an operations manager at my family’s bed & breakfast in Brazil. I was born in Rio de Janeiro. When I was seven years old, we moved to Tiradentes, Minas Gerais where my family runs a farm. It has cows, horses, ducks, chickens and a bed & breakfast as well. I was gone for a while for taking Italian classes in Torino, it was a great experience!”

My journey to Silicon Valley started…
“…when I met my husband. He was born in Palo Alto and moved to Brazil to work at a bilingual school in Rio de Janeiro. He was hired by my father, who is also an English teacher running classes for the community in our town. So, we worked together and became a couple. He’s been telling me about the beauty of California and the amazing opportunities here since we met. We moved to Palo Alto after our wedding in Brazil a year ago. After getting my work permission in January 2017, I applied at HanaHaus and started in March.”


"We are keeping an eye on everything happening in our workspace.”

HanaHaus is unique because…
“…of its location. The fact being in Palo Alto, being surrounded by many tech companies and startups makes it special. It’s exciting to see the people inventing our future. Also, I appreciate the affiliation with Blue Bottle. The special coffee makes HanaHaus even fancier.”

The best experience at HanaHaus…
“…is meeting customers with a Portuguese accent. Realizing people are from Portugal or Brazil is exciting. I love to communicate with them in my native language and describe them the workspace in Portuguese.”

The favorite spot at HanaHaus…
“….is the Captetown lounge. It’s comfortable and quiet.”

In 3 words HanaHaus is…
“…high-tech, stylish and modern.”

In our new blog series, People of HanaHaus, we present the folks that fill our workspace cafe with life: Start-Uppers, entrepreneurs, artists, founders, innovation managers, students, unicorns, venture capital investors are the people who make HanaHaus unique. We want to learn about their journeys and what brought them to Silicon Valley. We ask them to speak about their current projects and why how they leverage HanaHaus for their business.