At HanaHaus, the air is charged – and not just with WiFi and espresso.

Focus, collaboration and inspiration are the only regulars here. HanaHaus is a bustling, wide-open workspace for entrepreneurs, artists, designers, thinkers, students and writers. 

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley in the center of Palo Alto, HanaHaus occupies a physical space that’s practically hallowed ground for innovation. But we believe that great ideas can spring from anywhere – as long as you nurture a confluence of fierce creativity, high-level knowledge and hard-working resources. That’s what we’re all about: coming together to meet, socialize, share ideas and connect with experts. 


Work your way. Choose private workspaces, open seating or conference rooms. 


Relax. There’s great coffee from Blue Bottle at your disposal – delicious snacks too. 



Fuel your creativity. Boost your network. Tap into our HanaHaus public events for big ideas.