"It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting" - Jerry Sternin.
If design-thinking is all the rage, why are you skills not getting any better? Has your ability to brainstorm improved? Are you now sketching your ideas, rather than writing them? We sum up the current situation as: too much process, too little craft.
Our stance is: design should be learnt skills-first. As you get better at applying your skills, and reflect on your experience, you will naturally develop a better understanding of the process as well. Think design-doing instead of design-thinking.
Now, we know just how can be overwhelming it can be to decide where to start. That's why we created Design Bites. Each session of d.bites take one skill and teaches it with rigor. See examples from real projects, try it out a minimum of three times and learn from others in a fun lighthearted way.
As you get better at one skill, you will find yourself getting better at other skills too. Learning how to interview better will dramatically improve your understanding of your product, and your validation skills too! Like any good gym instructor, we will push you to do more reps as we push the envelope on design-doing skills ourselves.
You do not need any previous knowledge of design-thinking to join this series. Just a healthy curiosity on design-thinking and a willingness to be nudged to action.  We will not covering the design process but will refer to it. If this is your first time, we suggest taking a look at a short video here to understand the design process.
All participants will be provided linked to "recipes" where they can revisit the activities we run. You will also be automatically included in the #designbites slack channel so you can stay connected after the event.
Join us at 1:00 pm on FMM : First Monday of every Month as we take on one design skill each time with friendly titles like : How to Map An.y Experience, How to Pick Colors Well, How to Get People to Open Up, How to Open the Flow of Ideas and much more. Group size is limited to 20, so hurry !

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