Representations of Reality - GeoSim 3D City modeling

Digital 3D modeling of cities is undergoing a significant advance toward new levels of spatial precision and visual fidelity at street level. We will have immersive interaction with these virtual city models, and they will offer new ways to visualize the many data sets generated by the physical city. It will be valuable for us to first understand how human perceptual and cognitive systems couple us to the real world. From there we will appreciate how the fidelity of this new visualization tool will couple us to city information in ways that can fundamentally improve our insights and actions.


Matthew McCauley - Chairman, GeoSim

Since his early twenties, Matthew has run several careers in parallel, as an Emmy-winning composer in Hollywood, a multi-million selling record producer, the cofounder and Chairman of Ancient Egypt Research Associates (archaeology) and an early user of artificial intelligence for forecasting financial markets. Having brought Stanford Research Institute to an ancient Egyptian city complex (to scan the great Sphinx), Matthew has a particular appreciation for the importance and value of digital 3D city mapping technology using machine learning for visualizing real cities, their dynamic data and their future states.

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