Join us for a calming community breakfast to start your day with good energy in and around you. 

Mornings start early in the Bay Area, and many people skip a healthy breakfast. The idea behind this new series is to set aside some time for breakfast, and conversation with the dynamic HanaHaus community.

Each month, we will invite someone from the HanaHaus ecosystem to share what they are working on, and of course, we're also looking forward to learning more about what you are up to. 

This month is a very special edition celebrating HanaHaus' 4th Anniversary. Learn from Sanjay Shirolé, former Global Head of HanaHaus, how the HanaHaus idea was brought to life back in 2015.

This is a great chance to get to know the HanaHaus community better and to meet someone new before diving into the busy workday.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast. Have a conversation. Meet someone new.

For registration and more information, visit HanaHaus Start Right Mornings.