Joshua Jordison is the founder of The Human Gathering, a private community for top founders, executives, investors, philanthropists, celebrities and historical figures. He is also the founder of Reverse Future, a management and consultancy firm that works with iconic, household names to guide them in reverse engineering the future. His work has been covered in Fast Company Inc, Forbes, USA Today, Fortune, DailyMail, LA Times, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and dozens of other publications. He has spent the past decade building communities from the ground up and bringing interesting people together. Tom Bilyeu, founder of the billion dollar company Quest Nutrition says of Jordison: “He’s one of the most well connected people I’ve ever met in my entire life”.



Name: Joshua Jordison

Origin: Norwalk, California

HanaHaus Visitor Since: HanaHaus open (April 2019)

Job: Creative Producer / Founder


How did you hear about HanaHaus Newport Beach? 

“Since I’m a local to Orange County, I often come down to Newport Beach to enjoy the scenery (I live in Anaheim Hills). I was at the Lido Marina and walked by Hanahaus. The Blue Bottle Coffee was what drew me in, because that’s my favorite coffee spot. Once I realized Hanahaus was a co-working space, I decided to try it out.”

What does your typical day look like?

“I’ve tried to design my life in a way that gives me complete control over my day. While I don’t always stick to this, a typical day is as follows: I wake up between 5:30 am - 6:30 am every day. The first few hours of the day are reserved for “self care”, which looks like going on a hike, spending time thinking or just doing something fun that makes me happy. I like to call this part of the day “protected time”, because I protect it and use it to get myself into the right headspace for the rest of the day. From there, I’ll start work. I only take meetings in Los Angeles one day a week, between the hours of 1 pm - 7 pm. If it isn’t the day I’m going to Los Angeles, I’ll head to Hanahaus and usually stay there for 3 - 6 hours. When I’m done working, I’ll either head to a dinner or head home.”

HanaHaus is unique because…

“As far as I know, HanaHaus is the only co-working space of its kind in Orange County - possibly in Los Angeles County as well. It is unique due its location (right on the water, in the Lido Marina Village), it’s design (minimal / contemporary) and in the general vibe of the space. And of course there’s the price. $3 an hour is a steal.”

The environment inspires me, the minimal design gives me clarity, and the amount of noise helps me work quickly, which leads to significant progress.

My favorite place at HanaHaus is…

“I like sitting at the longer tables, because I don’t mind working next to people and actually enjoy / need a little bit of noise to concentrate fully. Working in silence drives me insane. The outdoor space, right on the water, is also fantastic.”

HanaHaus in 3 words…

“Inspiration, Clarity, Progress.

When I work here, these are three of the main things that I experience. The environment inspires me, the minimal design gives me clarity, and the amount of noise helps me work quickly, which leads to significant progress.”

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