Startup Grind: Taking on Industry Giants to Disrupt Stagnation with Jaya Rao, Co-founder + COO (Molekule)

Molekule is one of the few Silicon Valley startups that exists to solve a critical global issue. Before they even considered becoming a company, Molekule's technology was 20 years of R&D - once they realized the power of this air purification tech, they worked incredibly hard to bridge that gap from academic research to commercialization to bring it to the masses.


Jaya Rao, Co-Founder and COO of Molekule

Co-founder + COO, Jaya Rao, is a passionate clean air advocate determined to bring cleaner air to homes and beyond, scaling the technology and the company to make a global impact. Along with her father and brother, Jaya started Molekule, a company committed to changing the way we think about our health through the air we breathe.

Jaya is not just a founder, she is an advocate for clean air everywhere. Her passion for educating consumers on the importance of clean air and their health has catapulted this company forward - and she's not just the "ideas" person. She was integral in raising funding, pitching VCs while pregnant and even having major contractions during one of their investor meetings! She's seen the company grow from an idea a father had to help his son, to a fast-growing Silicon Valley company that's a true David and Goliath scenario - this company is taking on some of the biggest brands in the world.

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